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60th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights – The Associated Humans on the Internet, in Second Life and in Social Networks (2008)

60eme anniversaire de la Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l'Homme, Ile Verte sur Second Life (Les Humains Associés), 10 décembre 2007


« We invite one and all to reflect on the human condition, the fact that we make up part of an indivisible whole: Let us not be deterred by that which divides us but look for that which unites us. » (Quote from the Global Manifesto, founding text of the Associated Humans – Les Humains Associés -, 1984).

The Associated Humans was founded in Paris, France by Tatiana Faria-Salomon in 1984. It is a nonprofit association devoted to the awakening of individual awareness and to the promotion of humanist and ecological values through a creative hands-on approach that entails the dissemination of information and philosophical and cultural sensitization. In their capacity as citizens, the association takes stands in areas relating to solidarity, sharing, respect for human dignity, ecology, human rights and duties, ethics and net ethics.

This humanist NGO and active player on the Internet, since 1994 (Web 2.0 and Web 3.0) will be taking part in and celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights (UN) with the help of the new forms of media.

From 10 December 2007 to 10 December 2008, the association will organize a series of events and happenings on Ile Verte in conjunction with politicians, pundits, artists, and other related key figures.

On 10 December, the first day of the commemoration, the Associated Humans will be hosting a special day celebration intended especially for Internet users and Second Life residents. A cultural exhibition and a classical music concert will be organized for the occasion. During the one year anniversary commemoration, in-world residents will have the opportunity to discover a special space devoted to Human Rights, educational workshops and information and interactive conferences relayed live via Second Life and the Web.

Throughout the yearlong celebration, the association’s collaborative network will show a series of educational video podcasts on the Web put together by bloggers in order to sensitize internet users, young people in particular, to Human Rights issues by way of social networking sites and video sharing platforms.

For the record, within the framework of the Bicentenary of the French Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights of 1789, the Associated Humans participated in the official celebrations organized by France by showing their support for the ‘Declaration of Human Rights suggested by the youth association‘ founded in 1989 by François Baroin, Jean-Michel Blanquer and Richard Senghor.

Over the past few years, the association has launched a Ne

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