Les Humains Associés Les Humains Associés

Global Manifesto

Founder text of the Associated Humans, 1984

On our blue blue planet that lives in horrible fear of war and all its manifestations – war waged by fanatics, psychological war, biological war, war motivated by hatred, religious war, economic war – we have lost almost all worth as individuals.
In today’s world each of us is worth less than the shirt on his back, apart from those in the service of the real powers that be. We are living on a powder keg that could blow from moment to the next and we have forgotten that changing the situation entails awareness on the part of each and every one of us.

We invite one and all to reflect on the human condition, the fact that we make up part of an indivisible whole ; let us not be stopped by that which divides us but look for that which unites us.

We invite one and all to think about the lack of responsibility we have to our own species and to the planet ; to give thought to our foolishness and naivety, which has allowed the masters of the game, and those who hunger for power, whatever their colours, to lead us by the nose ; the excuse being they know best what suits us.

We encourage mutual respect for one another, for our individual beliefs and opinions without the need to be right at all cost or to convert others to our point of view. We are not suggesting we band together like sheep, or blend together to the extenct that our differences are erased. Nor are we insinuating that we turn a blind eye to that which makes us distinct. Let us recognise our differences and use them to our advantage, because each of us is truly unique.

We invite everyone to follow the dictates of conscience, to take full responsibility for the freedom to be and to realise humanity in ourselves, a common trust.

We cry out for human dignity, tolerance, solidarity, friendship and mutual recognition. We know we are capable of the best and the worst. We also know we possess what it takes to achieve harmony in and around us. Remember

The earth is unique
Let us not destroy it
Let us not destroy ourselves

The Associated Humans

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