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Île Verte (green Island)

How to get to Ile Verte in Second Life ?

To reach the free access arrival platform, go here (SLURL):


Teleport now on Ile Verte, or here.

Getting onto the island

You must be a member of the group Ile Verte to enter and it is necessary to read the instructions and respect the netiquette (click here for more details [in French]).

On the island you will find the Evariste Galois amphitheatre, where all multimedia conferences are held, the Idries Shah platform, a spacious transparent plateau that towers above the island, a garden comprising the tiny St Francis of Assisi valley, and two large houses: one named after Ibn Arabi, the other after Henry Corbin.

The concept

Ile Verte is a vast poetic garden of 65,000 sq m (64 hectares) which pays homage to both the Alpilles (a small range of mountains in Provence, southern France) and the Italian region of Tuscany. It draws from Zen and contemporary inspirations and houses a work of art by SLifers (residents of Second Life). The island was conceived and realized in its entirety (architecture, construction and landscaping) by Tatiana Salomon with help from Natacha Salomon.

The Associated Humans’ Ile Verte [in French] is devoted to humanism, philosophy, science, culture, education, poetry, the arts, citizenship, and technology. The association works to favor individual awareness and promotes humanist and ecological values through creative hands-on consciousness-raising.

Events and Actions

Ile Verte is a place of sharing. We regularly organize conferences (you must register in order to attend) that use sound, video and text chat. An image of the speaker, who interacts live with the audience via a chat system or by voice, is projected onto a giant screen. The video recording can be viewed outside Second Life via a Web address. Mixing Second Life, Real Life and the Web (SL/RL/Web) in Second Life is a very rare occurrence at this point in time.

One conference [in French] was held with WishYou Welles on the physics of Second Life (click here for 1-hour audio podcast [in French] and photos); and another with Sara Daniels, reporter at large, spoke about her reports on Afghanistan, Irak and Darfur (audio podcast). A series of conferences on politics and the netiquette were organized with those in charge of the NetCampaigns for the three main parties during the French presidential elections [in French]: Eric Walter/UMP, Benoît Thieulin/PS and Quitterie Delmas/UDF.


For more information, please get in touch with in-world contact Valostine Freund via IM.
The two project leaders are Tatiana Salomon (tatiana_at_humains-associes.org) and Natacha Salomon (natacha_at_humains-associes.org).

A look at the island through a series of images (group Flickr).

Media coverage to this day include the following: a television news report by TF1 on Ile Verte, ‘On a tout essayé’ (France 2), ‘Arrêt sur Image’ (France 5), ‘PureBlog’ (Belgium), Europe 1, ‘Accents d’Europe’ and ‘l’Atelier’ RFI.

For current information about Ile Verte, please consult the Humains Associés blog [in French] (and also: The Associated Humans) and for news on Second Life check go to HumaNews [in French].

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[…] For the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Associated Humans have made possible the emergence of the Isle of Human Rights from the ocean floor of Ile Verte (see album). There you will find a small exhibition for SLifers (residents of Second Life), organized in collaboration with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, displaying UN historical documents and the Declaration of Human Rights translated into several languages. […]

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