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If the World were a Village…

Campagne d’affichage de « pub » humaniste et gratuite, 1990, France.

If the World were a Village… Based on an idea by Phillip M Harter, Stanford University (1999), translated, updated and enriched by « les Humains Associés » (1999 – 2004)


« Let us not be stopped by that which divides us but look for that which unites us. » Global Manifesto

If we could reduce the world’s population down to a village of 100 inhabitants with all the human ratios remaining the same, it would look like this :

60 Asians (of which 20 Chinese and 17 Indians), 14 Americans (6 from the north and 8 from the south), 13 Africans, 12 Europeans and half an Oceanian.

52 women 48 men

70 non-whites and 30 whites 70 non-Christians and 30 Christians

89 heterosexuals 11 homosexuals

50.5 people live in the village, 49.5 are scattered in the country

6 persons possess 59 % of the world’s wealth, several of them are Americans 50 of the village inhabitants live on 2 dollars a day 25 live on 1 dollar a day

15 persons produce more than half the CO2 emissions in the village 25 persons consume three quarters of all the energy, the other 75 consume the remaining one quarter. 17 persons have no access to medical services, decent shelter or drinking water

50 persons suffer from malnutrition 70 persons are illiterate 80 persons live in poor-quality housing

20 inhabitants control 86 % of the GNP and 74 % of the telephone lines 11 persons have a car and they will probably be 20 in 20 years time 20 persons have 87 % of the vehicles at their disposal and 84 % of the paper in use 9 persons have access to the internet

1 person(yes, only 1) has a college education 1 person dies and 2 or 3 children are born into the world each year

And the population of the village will be 133 people in 2025.

When one considers our world from this perspective, the need for acceptance, understanding and education becomes obvious. « Changing the situation entails awareness on the part of each and every one of us.«  Global manifesto (basic text of the Associated Humans 1984)

Les Humains Associés
The Associated Humans

The ratios of this parabole that consists in reducing a population of 6 billion human beings to a village of 100 inhabitants have been set on the basis of figures and estimates from different sources.

Some are taken from the report of the United Nations Development Programme or World Bank Programme. Others can vary and are given as sources of information only. The data in this text is subject to change ! 🙂

Based on an idea by Phillip M Harter, MD, FACEP, Stanford University, Schoolof Medicine. The original version has been translated into French, enriched and updated by Les Humains Associés (e-mail : humains at humains-associes.org, cyberhumanisme.org/terre.html humains-associes.org/blog/), copyleft 1999 – 2004

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